Silverwood designs will often have open “public” or “general use” areas. Traffic flow, columns, stairwells, ceiling height changes, shelving, and floor coverings identify the boundaries of major living spaces. The “open” floor plan allows better convectional air flow, giving spaces like kitchens and dining rooms a sense of expansiveness that cannot be achieved in more compartmentalized design schemes. The craftsman style creates these essential components without sacrificing the aesthetic feel we all need to have in our homes.  Bringing passive solar technology to Craftsman architecture is an easy next step. Using wide overhangs and decorative brackets, solar shading shading can be done in an elegant manner. While maintaining integrity and architectural interest in South facing roof systems, enough area can be created to allow installation of photovoltaic panels and solar hot water systems. We can work solar hot water and electricity into almost any design.

Silverwood Design
Energy  Efficient Craftsman Home Plans by Silverwood 

The Craftsman Home Concept is based in Natural Function and Efficiency

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