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Sealed Crawl Space Plan

A Sealed Crawl Space is closed to the elements

. It has been found that one of the greatest challenges to creating healthy air in residential construction is controlling mold and micro-dust infiltration that is generated in crawl spaces. When a crawl space is vented, moisture and contaminants regularly invade the area, enter your forced air heating and cooling systems, and affect your home environment. If the Crawl space is sealed properly, these issue can be eliminated. The Silverwood sealed Crawl space plan has been developed from actual construction of foundation systems that are serving existing Silverwood homes. We have proven the health and energy saving benefits of sealed crawl design.  Our sealed crawl design sheet will be applicable to almost any crawl space design for any home plan, whether from Silverwood or another source. If your home plan includes a basement, you do not need a sealed crawl space. A properly done basement is the ultimate sealed crawl ! Upon purchase of your sealed crawl space plan, you will immediately receive the product in pdf format. Shortly thereafter you will receive a second pdf file at the email address used with your order containing textual material and photographs of crawl spaces we have constructed. If you require hard copy, contact us and we will arrange to ship you printed versions. Printing and shipping charges will apply. This material can be of great value when working with your contractor and a Sealed Crawl Space is specified.

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